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10 Best Hikes in the Peak District

Exploring the Peak District by foot makes for a fun, outdoorsy escapade for anyone looking for an escape from the city and gorgeous views of gorges and dipping valleys backed by large hills but not peaks, funny enough. So take a look at some of the most epic walks here, choose your favorite, and off you go! 


Dovedale Walk

Dovedale Walk

The 11.6km Dovedale Walk takes you on a circular route, passing limestone features adorning Lover's Leap, Tissington Spires, and Dove Holes. On your way back, revel in spectacular scenery atop Bailey Hill before continuing back to the trailhead. 


Kinder Scout Walk

Kinder Scout

The Kinder Scout Walk is one of the most challenging walks in the Peak District. Yet, despite the physicality, hikers continue to return to this walk over again. The swampy paths, deep gorges, and thrilling edges add another layer of fun to this already awesome adventure. 


Stanage Edge Walk

Stanage Edge Walk

Step into Charlotte Bronte's storied imagination on the stunning Stanage Edge Walk that unveils valley views popping with photo-ready looks. Along this loop, you'll pass the Bronte Cottage, the inspiration behind the Thornfield Manor in Jane Eyre, but that's not all. You'll also get to meander along the Stanage escarpment, where the best views await—and you can watch climbers take on the wall!


Dovestone Reservoir Circular Walk

Dovestone Reservoir

The 13.5-km Dovestone Reservoir Circular Walk loops around Saddleworth Moor while simultaneously revealing stunning vistas of the area. Pass by a myriad of scenic highlights: Trinnacle rock formation, a waterfall, and a lovely forest. 


Padley Gorge Walk

Padley Gorge

The 6km Padley Gorge Walk only rises to 195 meters in elevation and takes around two hours to complete. Starting from the Longshaw estate, you'll pass through Burbage Valley, heading toward Grindleford, a charming village, before immersing in the woods. This is a fun, family-friendly adventure. 


Mam Tor Walk

Mam Tor

Think the 6-km walk mentioned above is too long? Then, the 4.5km Mam Tor Walk may be more your style! Decorated with remnants of history and green valley scenery, this escapade rewards without demanding too much effort. 


Monsal Trail

Monsal Trail

Another shorter walk, the Monsal Trail only rises to 48 meters in elevation gain. Cyclists and walkers love to explore this gentler route that follows a part of the old Manchester – London railway. This walk is another excellent family-friendly option!


Great Ridge and Win Hill

Great Ridge

If you want to spend hours outside and away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the Great Ridge and Win Hill Walk will fulfill your wishes. With its 21.1km length and 800-meter elevation gain, this walk is not for the faint of heart. But the views as you rise above the ridgeline are striking. The ridgeline connects Lose Hill and Mam Tor! 


Thorpe Cloud Walk

Thorpe Cloud

Explore lush rolling hills on the Thorpe Cloud Walk! At one point, you'll climb a hill for magical views from above while also passing stepping stones along with the River Dove. The 2.9km length creates an enjoyable atmosphere for all ages!


Chrome Hill Walk

Chrome Hill

Summit two peaks on the physically strenuous Chrome Hill Walk, which see you ascending 435 meters in just 7.9km. You may be huffing and puffing as you climb, but the views from the top will undoubtedly reword. The path does get steep and rocky in spots, but power through and know that grand vistas await! 


Make sure to check out the rules and regulations for walking in Peak District National Park before you set off on your adventure.

Hopefully, a few of these adventures stood out to you! If not, you can find even more walks in the Peak District by visiting 10Adventures.com, where you can find a range of outdoor activities, whether you're looking for free route guides or tours!

Thorpe Cloud Walk