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Great2Work: Coworking Space

A two-man band with goals to achieve? A group needing to hire out a large space? A self-employer that’s sick of working from home? They cater for people that want to make a difference in our local community.

Based in Hayfield House, Devonshire St, Chesterfield, Great2Work have big open spaces with a sophisticated atmosphere. There are two meeting rooms, each with a TV and camera with the ability to focus on who is speaking – perfect for zoom calls. 

The main area has separate desks – with laptop stands and two monitors as well as a personal light to have a cosy feel rather than the usual office fluorescents. 

The kitchen is well stocked with fruit, water, coffee (essential) and a fairtrade tuck shop, where the proceeds goes to charity. The stocked-up fridge door of destination magnets is my favourite personal touch.

And finally, a collaborative room is on the other side of the kitchen, and connected is a larger meeting room and developer room. 

Great2Work's 2022 tour can be viewed online here.

The Great2Work app allows members to book a desk or room in advance as well as viewing the floorplan and seating plan for the day. The app also shows who is sitting at which desk for those wanting a desk in a quiet and spacious area. Hannah Finney, Great2Work’s Front of House, advised a potential member concerned about using the space following lockdown, allowing them to view the space beforehand, which others can also do. Great2Work wants people to feel comfortable when choosing a place to grow.

10% of Great2Work’s overall profit also goes towards local charities Turner Farm which provides education to disadvantaged children and The Elm Foundation, a domestic abuse charity. Hannah Finney said, “We like to support charities locally that focus on education and/or social mobility.” 

It’s incredibly refreshing seeing a company that is conscious of their input into the community. This year will be the second time they join in on creating a reverse advent calendar for Chesterfield Foodbank. Trough Tuesdays is a monthly fundraising event with lunch made from local caterers. All money made goes to local charities, with the exception of their most recent luncheon, which went towards the DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal.  Other events such as an hour at Holy Cow Yoga are ready and available to those that want to socialise and relax, promoting a healthy work and wellbeing relationship.  

They also try to keep aware of their impact on the environment and those using their space. They are currently working with Nottingham University about what environmental improvements they can make, and have since implemented the use of ‘Who Gives A C***’ toilet paper.  

With great opportunities lying in Chesterfield, they wanted to bring a city-esque office to a market town and have ambitions to expand into other areas. Andy Ball, Founder and CEO of Great2Work, said they wanted to “build a community that assists other start-up companies, creating networks and partnerships.”

Membership passes vary to suit the needs of those using the space, such as a day pass or a dedicated membership. View the full range of membership here.

It was great to check out their space; I might make the executive decision to abandon my office and become a member to enjoy some of the perks! 

Check out their website for more information. 

Photo Credits: Great2Work


Image Sourced: Great2Work


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