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Live Broadcast From The Batch House In Chesterfield

It’s an amazing space of local and independent food and drink areas. It’s a recent development, with work having started in October 2021. It officially opened on March 1, and has been hugely popular since.  

On Sheffield Road, Whittington Moor, it faces opposite the Chesterfield Football Club. It’s a fantastic location and has seen many people come to visit of all times of the day.  

Local businesses include Bubba Bar, offering tapas dishes, Marco’s, which serves Portuguese food, and Annabelle’s wine and prosecco bar. These are only some of the many interesting dishes and drinks to try there.  

We set up next to Annabelle’s and invited friends and family as well as those listening to come along and see us. 

4 Eyes Bakery provided delicious drinks and breakfast in the morning and as a little celebration after the Breakfast Show ended, we indulged in an ice-cream from Guiseppe's. There’s such a wide variety available and it’s all in one space. It’s no wonder Laura and Becky spend so much time there! 

The Batch House also provides opportunities to small independent businesses. Stuart Griffin and Matthew Rhodes (from 4 Eyes Bakery), who run a wholesale patisserie in Rotherham, said that opening up in The Batch House is the “first retail outlet” that they’ve been in.  

Stuart said: “It’s been going on a long time - we’ve been involved with this for many months and Covid has slowed everything down. Finally, come next month, we’ll be opening the doors and off we go.” 

The food hall also promotes no single use plastic and welcomes dogs. It was great to see the staff there interacting with customers and giving the odd dog a little scratch.  

Entire FM, a facilities management company, are partnered with The Glass Yard.  

Peter Currey, Chief Executive Officer at Entire FM, said: “it’s great to be a part of this landmark development.” 

Following the events in Ukraine, Peter gathered a few members of the team at Entire FM and personally drove to Poland to drop off donations. He has been collecting donations from those local in Chesterfield and the surrounding areas.  

He said: “At first we kept the donations in the corner of the room, but we soon realised that we needed a bigger place.” 

People have been eager to help alongside Peter and have been donating clothing, toiletries and toys, as well as funding the estimated 36-hour travel to Poland.  

The group returned from their third trip, dropping off the donations to a rural orphanage that has “no mainstream support.”  

He said: “There were all these grown men struggling not to cry. 

At first, I offered my van to a friend, but realised, ‘I have a van, why don’t I go and help?’” 

The journey is taxing and Peter is unsure on how many more trips they will make, but he says that he will continue sending things over.  

He was given the Hero Of The Year Award at the Chesterfield FC Community Awards for "work and contribution to the Ukraine aid trips he facilitated."

The team at Entire FM said that it was "very well deserved."


The whole team at The Batch House are so kind to both locals and those further away, and it’s evident in the atmosphere at the food hall. We hope that The Batch House gains more recognition along with the businesses they support, and we will for sure visit them again soon! 

Images Sourced: The Batch House Facebook Page


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