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The Big Green Pledge- Making Darley Dale Greener

The Whitworth is a charitable trust that aims to reduce local loneliness, support local businesses and people, improve the physical and mental well-being of the community and make conscious efforts to help the environment.

The charity wants to achieve "something quite innovative" in order to "reduce carbon and address the cost of living challenges."

To kick this off, a link to an app is being sent to people across the area that will allow them to make a personal pledge to reduce carbon in their own homes and lives.

A spokesperson said, "it’s the first time a Town has collectively got together to inspire change in this way.

We want as many people as possible to participate and make Darley Dale a leading light in reducing carbon."

People can sign up to do “actions” which help to reduce carbon emissions but also have other impacts such as improving health and wellbeing.

Some example actions are walk or cycle to school/work, eat less meat, only boil what you need in the kettle, grow your own food, and turn down your heating.

Darley Dale Council Leader Dave Oakley said, “This is not just about reducing carbon, its also about making our area a better place to live.”

The platform will record all pledges and will add up how much carbon is being saved. A physical thermometer style display will also be put up near the Whitworth to record progress. Social media and their websites will be platforms to keep people informed.

Being part of a community of people taking positive actions together can reduce carbon emissions and make people feel better, physically and mentally.

It is the start of an ongoing program across the area, which will be helping people understand more about retrofitting their homes, greening their gardens and to understand what help is out there to address the increasing problem of high energy costs.

If you would like to make a pledge towards this target, please go to: https://bit.ly/bgpledge

Whitworth Chair Alan Long said, “We are really excited about the opportunity to take a lead across the UK in helping people to make a real difference.”

Image Sourced: The Whitworth


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