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Alpaca Factory

Peak Radio's Artist In Residence

Tuesday, May 18th, 2021 - 18 minutes

Alpaca Factory are an unsigned, upcoming 4-piece from Chesterfield, full of promising releases and thought-out visuals, with a name hinting at whimsicality and indie-pop fun.

Formed in October of 2018, they’e already big names in the local scene.

As for the interesting name? This is what band member James Vardy had to say to Chesterfield Local Magazine:

"For The Rooves gig we needed a band name for the poster and for social media etc. Tom’s brother came out with Alpaca Factory but we were undecided for some time, we made a list of potential names (e.g. 'cherry pickers' and 'plastic bees’) and ended up doing a twitter poll and Alpaca Factory stuck with us in the end. It’s really grown on us as a name and we all rate like it now."

Read the full piece from Chesterfield Local (S40 & S41 Local) here: https://www.chesterfieldlocal.com/post/alpaca-factory

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