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Lewis James

Peak Radio's Artist In Residence

Tuesday, April 20th, 2021 - 22 minutes

Lewis James from Manchester, England has been producing lo-fi indie pop in his room and other places since 2019. His debut EP features both the catchy hooks of the ready-made bop, 'It’s Off (Then It's On Again)' and the spoken-word melancholy of the track 'Medicine'. He went on later that same year to release his first full-length and self-produced LP 'How Can You Be Sad When You're High and You're Dancing?' which the Manchester Evening News writes: constantly keeps you on your toes with unpredictable, kaleidoscopic songwriting – one minute dabbling in heavyweight hip-hop, the next visceral electro, before segueing into lo-fi, soulful sounds. 

His second LP 'everything i didn’t say before' (released in July of 2020) showed James had developed his sound even further whilst maintaining his versatile pop sound. Channelling artists the likes of The 1975, Tyler the Creator and Troye Sivan, James crafted a more synth-driven and 80’s inspired sound that in-turn formed his best and equally most personal work to date. 

Lewis James releases his brand new EP 'loverboy' on July 16th 2021 with the first single 'ucouldbemymedicine' coming on May 7th. The lead single sports a more guitar-driven sound and an even more dynamic production style from James, all the while possessing his most ready-made-for-radio lyricism. Pre-save it here.

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